A Brief History of

C. Watts and Sons Construction Co., Inc.

Calvin WattsOur founder, Calvin Watts, grew up as the oldest of 9 during the dustbowl days. At the age of 15 he left his home and soon found himself reading the want ads seeking employment. The best he could find was an offer as a farm hand making $50/month plus room and board. For the next two years found himself working the wheat harvest.

After reaching the age of 17, he decided that his future might develop in the United States Navy and he spent the next 5 years in uniform. After leaving the Navy in 1957 he took a job as an inspector at General Motors in Van Nuys, Ca. However, during a model change cutback, he was laid off and found himself heading back to Missouri to assist his father with the family farm.


Calvin made it to Oklahoma City with $13 in his pocket which was not enough money to get him the rest of the way to Missouri, so he took a job at Western Electric where he worked for 4 years. In 1963 he borrowed $3,000 to purchase a Massey-Ferguson box blade tractor and began grading house lots for home builders in the evenings, while still working at Western Electric during the day. Shortly thereafter he purchased a truck and hired his first employee and quit his job at Western Electric and devoted himself full time to running C. Watts Construction.


By 1969 he had gotten his first major job, Dayton Tire, and added approximately 50 employees. In 1970, he incorporated and became C. Watts Construction Co., Inc. Other major projects during these early years also included Uniroyal Tire Plant in Ardmore, Xerox Plant in western Oklahoma City, and the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Plant in Lawton, OK.


Calvin Watts has raised the company from an gross annual sales of $18,000 to approx. $30 million. Calvin went from owning a small box blade tractor to owning the largest bulldozer in the world. C. Watts Construction Co., Inc. is now C. Watts and Sons Construction Co., Inc. operating full time offices in both Oklahoma and Texas, and licesned to perform work in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Lousianna. Watts now has over 100 employees, of which several have worked with the company for over 25 years.



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